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Is professional twittering pointless, annoying and against the “new media spirit”? July 27, 2009

Posted by Joanna Geary in Discussion Points.
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Status UpdateWhat do you think? I’m curious to know before I put my two-penneth in!



1. bigcatgroup - July 28, 2009

As long as you are having enjoyable discussions and sharing good content, i don’t think it matters what your twitter name is and who you are representing.

I am aware of the irony that my log in name is my company name, not my own. That username was made before i realised the value of showing your face rather than your brand.

Pete Ashton, who will be familiar to Joanna and many others of you, first advised me to put my name and face on my twitter rather than my company and its logo. It has definatley made a difference and i would advise anyone else to do the same.

My name is Kenny by the way.

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