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NMK – Measuring Social Media: Exclusive Interview with Omniture July 30, 2009

Posted by Joanna Geary in Discussion Points.

New Media Knowledge have published a great interview on online brand management with Neil Morgan from web analytics firm Omniture.

Some choice quotes:

“Whilst creatively you may want to get external agencies in to share their expertise for social media marketing we think it’s essential to keep the measurement and optimisation in-house… This way you will track the impact of social media campaigns the same way you do for other marketing, making it directly comparable.”


“If there’s one person on Twitter sounding off and they have just ten followers, it’s safe to assume that will simply be lost in the inconsequential noise of social media. If it’s Stephen Fry complaining to 660,000 followers, you might like to take it a little more seriously. Much of that kind of judgement call has been commonplace among brand managers for years. All that has changed is the scale, reach and media.”

Worth a read.

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