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Habitat is back on Twitter September 16, 2009

Posted by Joanna Geary in Discussion Points.
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If ever a brand learnt the rules of social media engagement the hard way, it was Habitat.

Their misuse of hastags such as #iraqwar and #iranelection to promote their products involved a serious error of judgement.

Now they are back on the social network with a different tone and approach. I like the quote from a Habitat spokesman in a story by New Media Age:

“Since reactivating the account, there’s been a really positive response from the Twitter community, so we’ve learnt that it’s clear consumers genuinely want to hear from brands they’re interested in, as long as the information is relevant. It’s also clear that you have to engage with a community on their own terms.”

Good luck to them!



1. Rich - September 18, 2009

It’s good to see that Habitat haven’t just given-up on this after initially getting burnt.

What I’ll be most interested to see if how the ‘memory’ of the online social media audience works and if Habitat will always be tainted by this debacle of if it will be forgotten all too soon?

Anyone know of any other big brands that have ever bounced back successfully from something like this?

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